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KITTENS for sale

There are posted photos of kittens for sale:
(Kittens can be reserved, but pick up them from the cattery can only be permitted age and after vaccinations!)
Please write:
or call +1-507-407-0707  


Scottish Fold



Scottish Straight
(reserve for Nicole)

You can put a deposit $500 (deposit is included in the price) for future kittens:

a)       If at the age of 6 weeks old, you change your plans, the deposit is refunded 50% = $250, 

b)      If you change your plans after at the age of 7 weeks old and later your deposit not refunded.

We are accepted for the deposit: checks, cash, PayPal, credit cards.


We don't sell our kittens to other states and countries.

See sold kittens pictures 
on the page "Photo Gallery"