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Policies “SeattleBestEars”:

We breed registered Scottish Folds, long and short hair. Our kittens are raised without cages and handled and loved each day. We are a very small cattery and are very proud of our cats.Our Scottish Folds are from Canada and Russia. Breeders who is closing. We Breed only fold to straight.

A deposit $500 will hold a kitten until it is old enough to move to your home.  Because of the demand for the Scottish fold, a deposit is required to hold the kitten.  Your deposit does go toward the purchase price of the kitten. 
(Price depends on the sex and color, from the folded ears, 1 or 2 or 3 folds or normal ears. You may ask price for a kitten, when I add new pictures of new kittens.)

a)      If at the age of 4 weeks old, you will not like the kitten and change your plans, the deposit is refunded 100%,

b)     If at the age of 6 weeks old, you change your plans, the deposit is refunded 50%, 

c)      If you change your plans after at the age of 6.5 weeks old and later your deposit NOT refunded.

d)    If  Breeder changed his mind and refused to sell the kitten, the deposit is refunded 100%, regardless of the age of the kitten.

We are accepted for the deposit: checks, cash, credit cards.

We are accepted for the final payment: cash and credit cards, NO checks.

"Hand in Hand" only, never ever shipping. We don't sell our kittens to other states and countries.

Our kittens will get their first vaccinations before being placed into your home.  The price for spayed or neutered is not included in the price for a kitten and pay separately to vet. 

Cattery reserves the right to deny the sale of any kittens/cats for any reason. In addition, we reserve the right to request character references and/or veterinarian references before the sale of any animal is approved.